Sunday, September 13, 2009

ducks in a row

I finally found an opportunity to search for a header photo for the blog. In the free images online, a shot of crayons lined up in a row caught my eye. Immediately I thought of this photo, taken when Bug was born. We used a similar shot that Christmas, with Pook in a Santa hat. I remember being so impressed when we used Photoshop to whiten the grout in the tub. It was the cleanest the tub had/has ever been. In this original, Pook, age 2 1/2 is in the tub, with the amount of clothing one usually wears in the tub. So, some quick work and poor Pook was edited out. (CD and I once turned a woman into an ivy covered wall when she, as a stranger, looked right into the camera behind a group shot. I love that type of challenging edit. This was simply a crop.) Then, my tech savvy husband spent another half hour trying to get the photo to fit and to work with the Blogger requirements and my template. It can be great having his knowledge around, but sometimes the shoemakers children get no shoes, at least when they need them. However, thank you CD. I hope the site looks good because it won't be changing again for a while.


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