Monday, September 21, 2009

ark building time

It is time to build the ark.  I don't usually blog about the weather, snow being the exception but this rain is something else.  I planted the garden between showers, and it has rained ever since.  (The good news is that the chard sprouted and no critters are venturing out to eat it.)  The forecast is for rain the next nine days!  I knew they were giving driving warnings this morning, but when I heard school systems getting canceled I was still surprised.  Then I started to hear of friends trapped at home because of deep water on roads.  A bad traffic jam yesterday, on a Sunday afternoon, turned out to have been a fatal accident due to a car sliding on wet pavement.

The kids' school is canceled for tomorrow now too.  I'm fortunate that we already had a playdate scheduled, so it has been expanded- three hours there, three hours here.  I hope the kids can enjoy each other that long!

The picture here was taken by a friend.  It is looking down the spillway which heads down through the ball fields.  Sometimes it's almost dry, but this is how it looked today.  I hope no children get curious and play in it.  It looks dangerous.

Our house is on a hill, and the continuing hill in our backyard is bleeding red clay from where we dug out ivy to put in our azaleas this summer.  The hill will keep us from getting any water in the house (we have no basement anyway).  There are creeks all around, feeding into the lake, which has a spillway and even drain which feed into another larger creek.  I'm sure they're all at capacity.  I haven't heard of any major house issues of neighbors yet.  I do know of three trees down (cable outages #1 and #2) two of which smashed cars, one of which was being driven by the photographer who took this picture I stole (with permission).


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