Wednesday, January 7, 2009


It is very weathery today. The kids noticed it on the way to preschool as very dark low clouds blew at a dramatic speed, revealing patches of bright blue and white above them. It has rained at least twice since then and the sun has shown itself for the first time in weeks. We've had warm weather, I can't complain about that, but it has been damp since school let out for break. If we could at least accumulate some serious rainfall and improve the drought I would complain less.

The kids want snow. I'm not exactly against snow, but I prefer to enjoy it from the comfort of an armchair while holding a mug of tea and a good book. I love seeing the red hoods of the boys coats against the white of an Indiana snow. I love seeing their pink cheeks when they come indoors. My favorite color is the color of the snow at sunset; I painted the nursery Pook's room playroom that color. I loved showing the kids how to catch snowflakes on their tongues last winter here in GA. I loved seeing them attempt a tiny snowman. But do I want snow? No way. Atlantans can't drive in the stuff so the city shuts down. No thanks.

Instead I'm getting spring fever. I know it is early even here, but look at what I found today!

daffodil leaves

winter daphne

my neighbor's cherry tree

the sky today
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  1. Seeing your spring buds does kind of depress me, when I look out at the snow here. I always wanted to live in Atlanta.

  2. It look like that until April here. Sigh.

  3. Hi Jill, that's great! Three of the photos did not load properly though. :-( I do love the daphne, our buds look just like that. Congrats on the camera work!


  4. I am so jealous!! Like Harriet, we won't see any of that until April. Well, other than the blue sky, which we have lots of these days, but there's also fresh snow on the ground from Friday's storm.