Saturday, January 24, 2009

pretty alot

We went bowling today with the boys since it looked like we'd have yet another wet weekend. As the grand bowlers we are, our combined four-person score for the first game was less than 300. I won't be any more painfully specific.

The boys played with gutter guards, but they wouldn't let us all play on the same lane; gutter guards are only for kiddies with eight pound balls or less. I was disappointed. I've only bowled a half dozen times and each time with kids, therefore with gutter guards. I highly suggest their use if allowed!

Bug sent a few balls down the lane that we thought might not make it all the way down. We blew hard to give the poor ball some help. I once saw a child's ball get a backspin and start back toward him. I've seen several simply stop part way to the pins. We all improved after having some pizza. Or rather, three of us did. Pook got to play 20 frames while Bug played video games without tokens. (Don't knock it; it's cheaper that way and he can play all he wants.)

When we left the bowling alley the sun had returned. On the way home we saw that baseball tryouts were happening down the street, giving me hope that spring will come. The cherry blossoms next door are wilted and dead however. They'll live on as my new screen saver.

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  1. i love hearing about long term happy marriages! and hi. bowling is cool.