Saturday, September 7, 2013

me gustaría un poco de vino por favor

No, I don't really need any wine right now, thanks. It's only 9:45 am at the moment. This is my pride sentence however. The first I've learned in my new Plan to Learn Spanish in Ten Minutes a Day.

Pook qualified to enroll in a seventh grade Spanish class this year. Bug's new Magnet school teaches everyone German.  I decided I'd learn along with them.* Every night at dinner I ask the boys what they've learned but we just aren't getting anywhere. They seem to learn either "I dunno" or "how to count" and that's about it.  They are not proving to be qualified teachers for me.

CD found out about this program via this article. Memrise assumes that you can spend as much time learning a language as you do checking into FB.  Sure! I can do this!  I'm encouraging him to learn German to please Bug; he already learned some Spanish when he was in school. Neither kid is learning French, which I studied.

The program hooked me pretty quickly. My first sentence, read, written, spoken and understood, could bring me a glass of wine! If it weren't 9:45.

*I said this about baseball too. When they were tots I thought I could learn how to throw and catch and play ball along side them.  Let's just say, it didn't work.

I kind of also said this about piano. I knew a bit and thought I'd get better as they got better. That hasn't happened either.

Me gustaría un poco de vino por favor!


  1. I planned to learn Spanish alongside my first B, but 4 years flew by and now he's in college and I didn't learn any more than the "Dora the Explorer Spanish" I know. Second chance with Little B started last spring, and I haven't done any better. Sigh!

  2. I had the same plan to learn Spanish with Big B. 5 years later he's off at college and I am no better off than the "Dora the Explorer" Spanish I know. Second chance started last spring with Little B, and I'm not doing any better. Oh well!