Monday, April 29, 2013

selling him

This is a transcript of an actual conversation I had with my child. I'm thinking the child should remain anonymous so that if I ever try to sell him give him away someone might still want him.

# I need a whatchamacallit for school.

* Go look in the cupboard.

[20 second look through cupboard by child]

# We don't have any. (said with a whine, implying blame that Mom has not supplied him with any whatchamacallits)

[30 second look through cupboard by Mom]

* Here are a pile of whatchamacallits for you.

# glare (honestly- he was that annoyed that I'd found them)

[half hour later when child has used the whatchamacallits and is otherwise occupied]

* Please put away the things in the cupboard.

#  But I didn't get them out!

Selling him. Definitely selling him.


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