Sunday, April 14, 2013

I have a guy

"I have a guy."

Haven't you ever found yourself jealous when your friend or neighbor says this?

I actually have three guys.  I know! Two are brothers. They can do just about anything for you and they're thorough and licensed.  The other guy is strong as an ox and asks for so little money it feels wrong.

It was the later guy who was over yesterday while CD and the boys were out of town, camping. I've already had two friends ask for his number.  I'm not really eager to share. He'll just have less time for me.

In five hours he ripped out as much English Ivy as I could have cleared in two full spring seasons. Amazing really. The backyard is back on schedule for the Great Ivy Removal Project. The two thirds of the backyard that we're working on are almost clear. There is ivy returning which needs attention, but I think its easier to pull it the second time. I asked my new guy if he could come back and he said he'd come over next week.

Despite having a guy, I have work ahead of me now because  I like to do the planting myself. I've got five small azaleas to put in the ground asap. Maybe I'll go get a dozen more while they're still so cheap. This is the part of the backyard that shows from the street above the driveway. Since I'm going to have to water up there this summer regardless, I might as well fill the area right away and make it look nice.


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