Monday, January 21, 2013

year-round gardening

Another meaning to "year-round gardening" is happening here at the home of Pook and Bug. I shared this photo of a late blooming daisy as a welcome to the New Year. Although usually a late summer bloomer, daisy folliage hangs on until the first hard frost. The plant is close to the house and so it avoided the first few gentle frosts and the one little flower showed up. Now the rest of the plant is black and soggy, but the one bloom is still hanging on.

The usual winter blooming plants look fine. My new red camellias opened in very early winter and are mostly finished, but my ancient white camellia keeps putting them out.

 When I trimmed the hellebores I found lots of blooms hiding under scrappy old leaves. They try so hard to avoid the camera, but I've snuck it underneath for a peek at the speckled petals.

My new winter daphne plants by the front door are happy and covered with white fragrant blossoms. The old daphne had pink tinted blooms and smelled so sweet I could identify it from the other side of the house. These two are more modest unfortunately, although they still smell good.

 To complete the picture, spring has begun to spring here, however premature and at risk of freezing. The quince is in bloom, one of my favorites.

The bulbs are all sprouting and I expect to see daffodils and hyacinth open any sunny day now. This one already shows yellow. Not sure where my crocus are hiding. I see plenty of leaves. The vinca, too, is showing a few early purple blooms.

Summer, winter and spring flowers all in January. Such is winter in Atlanta!


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