Thursday, January 24, 2013

sample sized

I just got a sample of an antibacterial hand cleaner. I put it in my bag to use in a pinch. That's what I do with samples; I put them in Useful Places to save for Important Times.  I have a stash of great tiny products in the bag we call the Baseball Backpack, many in my purse, lots more in that little-compartment-that-holds-things in my car.

I have the greatest little emergency kit that even has a bee sting wipe in it. I have something that is supposed to warm your hands in an emergency.  It is so old that I doubt it would do squat, but I have it. And that, there, is my problem with tiny samples. They are so dang useful, or at least they have the potential to be so useful, that I save them.  I never use them. Ever.

See, if I used one of them, then when I was in an emergency, I wouldn't have it to use.  

Have I ever had an emergency?  Well, good question. I have certainly used the tissues and bandaids, but most of the time I figure we can live through the problem and get home. And at home we have full sized containers of any of the products we might need.

There are sunscreen samples that (I think) I was given during the 1996 Olympics. I never used them. I don't use them now because they are probably no longer effective. But! If that was all I had, and I was getting burned and had no alternative, then I would still use them. So they remain in the bag. There is a tiny thing of Neosporin. If I use it, I'll probably never have a sample of it again. So, I don't use it.

But, if you're ever in an emergency and are near me, let me know. I have just the thing to take care of you.

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