Tuesday, April 24, 2012

somewhere in the middle

Oh, dear Pook. Sometimes I just want a reaction from you. I want you to care about something more than Lego or what your brother doesn't want you to want. Have an opinion. Have a strong opinion.

Worry a little bit (not too much) about an upcoming test. Be excited and proud of the awards and honors given to you. Care a little bit (not too much) about the kids around you in the fifth grade as you all come to an end of elementary school. Be interested in the lives of your friends. Tell me about your school day, not just the events during the day but also how they make you feel. Find what makes each day special.

Move ahead in life faster (when I'm behind you on the stairs). Eat up! You are often just starting as the rest of the family finishes, and your food gets cold. (Metaphorically) eat your cake first; sometimes the party starts before you notice. Remember what it feels like to ride your bike down a hill fast, with the wind in your face.
Oh, dear Bug. Sometimes I just want for you to relax. I want you to let things just go and not get all caught up in each injustice and each infraction on the part of your brother. Not everything matters.

The homework isn't really that important. Don't worry about making an error or not having time to finish it. Knowing the concepts is what matters to me. Try your best and don't fret if it isn't perfect. Burying your head and saying that everything is too hard won't have you prepared for the recital. You're going to do great. (But if you do mess up, it will still be ok.)

Your friends like you and respect you. Be appreciative of them and don't worry if today one of them plays with someone else. They'll be back tomorrow. Slow down, dude! Take the volume down a notch-- pianissimo! Chew your food so you can enjoy the flavors which you love so much. Take time to smell the flowers and feel the sun on your face.


Your brother can be your friend. He doesn't tick the same way that you tick. While he never seems to  understand you, it doesn't mean that you're that different. You really have lots in common. He loves you in his own way.


  1. You know your kids well.
    I remember my aunt saying she wished she could put her two boys in a bag and shake it up.
    But guess we just have to enjoy what is. They both make me laugh, in different ways.

  2. Wow, Jill. This should be published.