Tuesday, April 17, 2012

can't stop

I'm hopeless this time of year.  I buy one new plant, then seven.  I walk up the driveway and find myself pulling weeds. I didn't remember that I'd put Soloman's Seal over there... so I grab the shovel to move it.  I notice that should put some mulch around that strawberry plant...so I head for a bucket.  I reach to pull out an oak tree seedling (oh, there are lots!) and then a redbud, and then a tulip poplar.  I yank out a few dozen pine seedlings. My yard would revert to a forest if I allowed.  I can't leave it alone.

The weather is perfect, the soil is slightly moist from recent rain and everything is growing. Most blooms are finished with their first spring shout out, but blooming columbine is everywhere this year. I'd gone to the mailbox last spring and seen that the plants had ripe seeds.  I pushed away mulch to sprinkle them around.

See? It pays off, all this tinkering.

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  1. Oh, that's *beautiful*! I need to learn to tinker, too.