Tuesday, November 1, 2011

she is not dead, but sleepeth

Here are the boys, Halloween 2011:
Bug chose to dress as a slice of Swiss cheese.
Pook dressed as his favorite thing- a Lego minifig

They'd chosen their costumes in plenty of time. My parents helped put them together with a good bit of cardboard this year. The yellow "cheese" is a thrift shop drapery.  The Lego head is made from a bucket, covered with paper and painted.

We had just the right route for Trick or Treating this year.  Our neighborhood isn't well arranged for this; the kids from their school who walk can't easily walk from street to street, making us have to choose since we live in the middle.  The loop we took included a nearby cemetery.  I've heard that the gravestones have never been identified so they can't be moved.  They're sort of between three cul-de-sacs up on a ridge. 

We visited on Halloween once before.  Every flashlight had either died or been lost by then so one dad lit the way with his phone.  This year I planned ahead and bought LED candles, which I placed on the gravestones while the kids were at school Monday.  I wasn't sure if I was making the place less creepy or more creepy, but I did think it would help us locate the stones in the dark.  I hope other neighbors visited also; we stopped on our way home and were alone there.

There are between two and five graves here.  I think.  There are enough pieces and parts of gravestones to be five, but I don't find writing on enough to be five.  In any case, the dates that are legible are of births in the late 1800's and deaths from the early 1900's, making the area just perfectly Halloween creepy.  Plus, that epitaph?  "She is not dead but sleepeth"-- yikes!

"Here lies one who in this life was a kind mother and fine wife.  She is not dead but sleepeth."

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  1. Terrific costumes! Bet your folks had fun helping with them.