Friday, October 21, 2011

ta da: "After" photos

Time for the post-renovation, After photos!

The boys chose the turquoise, and now that it's up I like it a lot.  I wasn't sure.  Right now I have some very cool temperature daylight bulbs in the fixture and they give the space a very cool light.  I think I'll replace them with something warmer since the paint color reflects on the white tile already.  Snoopy was the other choice they made.  I figure that it is their bathroom and those two things, paint and shower curtain, are easily changed.  The existing Snoopy towel is right at home.
The new bathroom as seen from the doorway
The new vanity, medicine cabinet and light fixture
Second cabinet is 9" deep to hold lots!
Snoopy shower curtain and full-to-ceiling tile around window
The existing towel fits right in
The water damage was minimal. The new sill is made of cement board.  The shelf is one of my favorite details.


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