Monday, May 16, 2011

poor George

This is a story that just came home from the (getting emptier) desk of Bug as he finishes up first grade.  (unedited)

Once there was a wolf named george.  He lived with his mom in a little cottage.

And yesterday his mom asked him to go out and play. So he did. and he was never aspost (yes, he pronounces it this way) to go Past the five oak trees.

But he did and he found a Dragon.  Now this Dragon was mighty tricky. And his favorit food was wolfs named george. but he didn't tell george that.

And George started to run away when the Dragon told him to come to his cave. So George did.

but then he relized the Dragon was makeing Plans to eat him and he shouldn't have followed the Dragon.

and right after that he remembered he could aparate.

So he did.  exept he acsidently wen to a motor boat. (were there was a Dragon)

So he got on his Broom and flew away.

In to a tree.  were there was a Dragon. But finaly he ascaped.

the End.

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  1. That is an excellent story. Your "aspost" comment reminds of a student I had tonight who is about Bug's age. We were playing a rhythm game where we'd say some words, turn them into a rhythm, and then play it. It evolved into a game where she'd play a rhythm and I had to guess the words. I was utterly perplexed by one until I realized she was pronouncing "sandwich" as "sammawich." It makes all the difference.