Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I have promised my children "Nothing." 

School ends Friday.  Just two more mornings to wake up early.  Extra early as we have had a practicing Safety Patrol in the family who has needed to be at school twenty minutes early.  (We're supposed to be honored, but actually we're tired.)  Just two more days of "Hurry up." Two more days of "We don't have time for bedtime stories." Of checking the calendar repeatedly to be sure we aren't missing anything --other than family dinners.

The weekend is still busy.  Even though both boys are out of the baseball playoffs, Bug was chosen for the All Star team and therefore still has one game left on Saturday. CD and I are going out Sunday night and leaving my parents to babysit.  But come Monday morning, I have promised them nothing.

No need to get dressed.  Unless they want to.
No need to eat at 7am, unless they're hungry.
No need to do any work, run any errands, attend any lessons.

We will spend the day, maybe even  most of the week just relaxing. Lego will get built- or repaired with adult help (as Bug has been needing since February).  The new Mindstorm kit will be started by Pook, with assistance if he needs it.Baseball cards, Pokemon cards, 39 Clues cards, Ninjago cards-- all can be sorted, exchanged, used in whatever way those things get used.  Books can get read, and read, and read. 

Then we'll make our annual lists of Things To Do When Bored, and Friends We Want To See This Summer.  We'll finally make the stepping stones. We'll bake. We'll go on some field trips.  We'll look at maps and plan our big Yellowstone trip further.

The pool will lure us and we will spend hours in the sun with Summer Friends.

I will still have grocery shopping, laundry and other household tasks, but I'm hoping they'll be willing to help out.  I will still have yard work, (I bought some edamame plants today!) but I don't mind if they play ball or climb around while I putter.

We will have days when we accomplish nothing.

Nothing but relaxing and recovering from a very busy spring.

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  1. I would love a whole lot of nothing. But our nothing is dictated by the house selling. Once we're settled, it's gonna be a lot of nothing, until we're sick to death of it.