Wednesday, December 22, 2010

pile stack

Now that is a heaping pile stack* of Christmas cookies and candies!  (And a bottle of wine sneaking into the picture, which I must say, goes well with chocolate.)  I did not bake all of these myself by the way.  My mom now lives in town!

from top to bottom:

  • pretzel wreaths
  • Swedish cookies
  • shortbread
  • spicy pecans (recipe here)
  • sour cream and nutmeg sugar cutout cookies
  • mixture from a cookie exchange party, (including a wonderful peppermint pinwheel, some coconut macaroons, chocolate cherry cookies and... lots more)

Next to the pile is a box of Russian chocolates from the office white elephant party. ( I always go for something edible and not white elephant-ish because otherwise I end up with the dog Christmas stocking paired with the plastic dog that poops candies if you bam it on the head.) The chocolates are adequate, but I don't eat adequate chocolate if I can help it. Plus the translations of the contents in each are a bit rough so I can't predict what I'm going to bite into. The kids like them.  On top of that box is a bowl of fresh pecans from a farmer in my CSA and some random school party candies. And wine.

*a "pile stack" is a phrase from baby Pook

And, because I'm dealing with photos, here is my new dining room table:


  1. Pretty table! And nice pile stack too. I cut way back on the baking this year and now I'm kind of sorry.

  2. You forgot the homemade caramels.....
    Probably enough sweets to last til Valentine's Day.

  3. Very often our children have become our idol, the center of our activity.

  4. Great job with your blogsite!
    Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2011 - from an occasional visitor!