Wednesday, December 1, 2010

happy December

Dear all of you who are on my Christmas card list, but whom I may or may not ever send a Christmas card this year, and to all of you who are not on my card list because I don't personally know you, even if I do appreciate that you're here reading:

It has been a busy fall here in the household of Pook and Bug.  The children have been active as they worked to use up our medical deductible.  The achieved this yesterday. We are so proud of our boys.

Bug's pediatrician suggested, last May, that he received an evaluation by an orthopedist to see if his toe walking was causing any physical problems.  The orthopedist suggested we get an evaluation by a physical therapist.  The first available appointment was after school started in the fall.  We decided to work with Bug at home to do some stretches and to postpone any physical therapy until the following calendar year, when we could use all of the appointments toward the same medical deductible.  (Seemed wise, right?)  But then we received the $800 bill for the evaluation itself and we decided that the ball had already begun to roll.

We went back to the orthopedist, back to the physical therapist and to an orthotist who made  "boots" (AFO= ankle-foot orthosis) for his feet.  He can't bend his ankles past 90° although they do have a hinge to allow him to flex and go up stairs, for example.  He chose a tie-dye pattern to the boots.  I handed over a credit card to be charged $900. He began weekly physical therapy appointments.  You can imagine how much Bug loves the boots and the exercises from therapy. The full cost of PT is $400 per hour, although even our insurance company doesn't force that upon us. 

Not that it really mattered, because on November 1st, Pook broke his left pinkie finger while playing football with Bug.  I should be happy that they were playing together.  I don't know if Bug aimed at Pook's head and missed, or if Pook simply didn't catch the football.  He requested that his cast be a lovely aqua blue.  I handed over a credit card to be charged $400.  He played some of his piano music with eight fingers during his piano recital.  He was unable to play his saxophone in band and unable to ride his bike.  He read approximately thirty books in November.

Yesterday, Pook got his cast off.  The receptionist told me I only owed "a little bit," which turned out to be the last $56 of our deductible.

Today I shall suggest that any other injuries or illnesses which my children plan to acquire, they acquire now. December should be a fun month.  You can find me in the same place I've been all fall-- in the waiting room, holding my wallet close.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season
My Kids' Mom, CD, Pook, Bug, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia


  1. Oy! My sympathies. I'm sorry that our insidious socialist Canadian health care system hasn't made it's way into your country yet.
    - Natalie

  2. Ack! I committed the worst possible typo! Please change that "'it's" to "its".
    - NB