Tuesday, August 17, 2010

here comes the band

Our school district may be cash poor (and indicting officials who made it that way) but they haven't cut the band and strings program.  Fourth grade is the beginning of musical instrument training for our kids.  Before school ended in May, Pook put down his first three choices for instruments: saxophone, trombone and trumpet. (I think in that order.)

I met the band teacher at registration, after he'd already had a conversation with both boys.  He knew we had a sax at home and seemed delighted.  "Um, we have a baritone sax.  Pook can't even pick it up.  You don't want him to play that do you?"  He was not bothered in the least.  I clarified that we'd be happy to rent a smaller sax if needed.  Then Bug piped up that he was going to play the tuba.  And, yes, I know he likes the tuba, but again, it is a tad big and he also knows he'd need to start on something that he can lift.  But the band instructor simply turned to Bug and told him he'd get a stand for the tuba for Bug in a few years.  What is this man thinking?  I'm picturing me having to buy a bigger car so I can transport a baritone sax and a tuba the mile up to the school.  Not gonna happen.  We also have a flute in the house. Anyone?

But Pook came home yesterday with the announcement that he needs to get an alto saxophone for band.  He's quite excited about it.  I'm not looking forward to the first bit of learning; my delicate ears are going to be under stress.  But two friends have trumpet and violin, so I feel more for their parents and I realize it could be worse!

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  1. AJ would be so jealous about band. Sax is what he wants to play in band too. I hope he has fun!