Friday, August 27, 2010

chicken nugget, anyone?

I have the goal of sending lunch boxes to school with the boys three times a week this year.  Maybe we'll make it four next year and everyday the year after.  We'll see.  This is hard enough as it is.  The first few days of school I let them eat the school lunch so they could learn their teachers' routines for doing so.  Then they took a lunch from home to learn that routine.  It took a week before I got a menu anyway. (I found one online that shows that the whole county is eating the same thing on the same day.)  Last week we did pretty well but I think they took their lunch just twice.  This week the menu had me more motivated.  They served chicken nuggets three times this week!

The menu on Monday,

Choice Of One Entrée:
  Asian Chicken Bites with Whole Grain Roll and Fried Rice
  Ravioli with Whole Grain Roll
Choice of two sides:
  Lettuce & Tomato
  Fruit Cocktail
  Mixed Vegetables
  Fresh Pears

Choice of Milk

Later in the week they served "Honey BBQ Chicken Nuggets With Whole Grain Roll" and Friday was plain old "Chicken Nuggets With Whole Grain Roll".  I find several things wrong here.  I wonder if anyone noticed that there were nuggets three times this week. Then there is the bizarre pattern of including a roll with every dish, which according to the Jamie Oliver show has to do with government regulations gone awry.  The other days this week included a choice of a corn dog or nachos on Tuesday and fried chicken.or a turkey burger Thursday.  I let them eat lunch at school Thursday since the fried chicken is pretty good!

Our lunches from home were not really exciting this week.  Twice they took yogurt.  I have a "lunch menu" on the fridge which they can use to help make their own lunches.  I need to have egg salad or hummus around if I want them to choose it!  In general however, this menu is helping a good bit.  Also helping is that we've started making lunches after school for the following day and not waiting until the dinner craziness, bedtime or (the dreaded) breakfast and lunch being prepared at the same time.  Here is our menu:  (They always take water.)

bread products:
sandwich bread
mini croissant
whole grain crackers
mini muffin
bread stick
flour tortilla

deli meat
cheese slices/cubes
tofu spread
egg salad
pimento cheese spread

pasta sauce
salad dressing

fresh fruit whole/sliced
baby carrots
red bell pepper slices
snap peas

Treats: (not daily)
drinking yogurt/squeeze yogurt
chocolate milk box
lemonade powder (little tubes they can add to their water)
granola bar
cereal bar
dried fruit
honey stick

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  1. I like seeing the "menu" choices that you offer your kids. I talk with my older one (4) about what will go into his lunchbox, but since he and his baby brother are too small to fully choose and pack their lunches, I'm still the household cook, nutritionist, and ultimate lunch packer!
    Glad to see I'm not the only one who paid close attention to the "whole grain bread solves everything" notion on the Food Revolution.

  2. This post reminded me that I wanted to point out this cookie recipe to you: Not low fat, but no added sugar (sweetness comes from puree of raisins) and no wheat (flour is ground oats and walnuts). They are delicious, although I'll add some whole black raisins to the batter next time. I've been trying to figure out how to get my picky eater to get more protein and the walnuts in here are the ticket.

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  4. Wow! Chicken nuggets three times a week? That's insane! Thanks so much for participating!