Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Pook!

Have I ever told about the first morning I was home from the hospital with Pook?  He was born on Thursday, May 10, 2001. I woke in my own bed Sunday morning to the sounds of our new baby kicking and hungry.  (Most surely I woke every few hours, but those memories are best repressed.)  After taking him from the antique cradle which was next to our bed and feeding him, I placed him between CD and I.  He fell asleep again and I did not.  Instead I gazed upon my new family.  Three of us.  I considered getting the camera, but did not have the energy to get up.  Instead I decided to take a picture with my memory.  I had given him a birthday, but that morning was Mother's Day and he had given it to me.

We had a great weekend.  We'd had 90 degree temps last week, but it cooled down for the weekend and was glorious for all the outdoor activities.  Saturday was all about baseball.  The spring baseball festival was going on, then a game, then Bug's end-of-baseball season party.  The festival is always a big deal to the kids.  Lots of jumpy things, laser tag, a climbing wall.  CD bought five raffle tickets, $1 each, and put them in paper bags next to various fun items.  I did this last year for the first time and I won both a $100 Braves game package and an hour massage!  This year was equally exciting as we had a phone message when we came home informing us that we had won a day of bowling AND a telescope.  I guess the odds are pretty good!  (And, unless you are paying expenses, I cannot accompany you to Las Vegas.)  We then headed over to the swim party. The team got their tropheys (it's all about the trophy) and ate hot dogs and cake.  They swam, but not for long. 

Sunday I had hoped to sleep in.  Pook interpreted that as 7:15, since he'd already been up for an hour.  (Why is it so much harder to get them up on school days?)  I was given Mother's Day hugs before church.  After church we headed to a nearby arts festival with my parents.  The boys enjoyed looking around almost as much as we did.  I resisted purchasing things I didn't need and had no where to put.  I need more space for Stuff!  Shiny, Pretty Stuff!  I had hoped for a butter dish, but they weren't to be found.  This year seems to be the year of glass.  Stained glass, fused glass, glass beads and jewelry.  Lovely stuff, all of it.

CD and my father were great at organizing a fabulous Mother's Day dinner for my mom and I.  Pook chopped strawberries while my father baked buttery shortcakes.  The pair also assembled veggie skewers to grill. CD marinated shrimp and tossed potatoes in our favorite mustard and horseradish mixture.  Everything went on the grill (which did not significantly decrease the amount of dishes- but they did those too.)  I was given beautifully decorate cards and two coupon sets.  I plan to redeem my coupons for help with dinner, picking up of toys and laundry folding.  Pook's coupons have expiration dates so I will have to pay attention!

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  1. It sounds like a very happy weekend. How nice to have your parents down there now, although I thought of them when we drove past your exit in Indy over spring break.