Thursday, April 29, 2010


Wanna see me freak out?  Just pretend you're Bug and approach me while I'm feeling really busy.  Then say, "I'm going to be a first grader in sixteen days!"

There are only three more weeks of school.  Yikes!  Every spring I panic when I realize that Spring Break is past and the end of school is near.  The preschool let out much earlier than our elementary school does, so technically I'll get a bit more time, but it doesn't feel like much.  I will be crazed at the start of summer, trying to remember how to shop with kids, how to squeeze in laundry around all the look at me's and I'm bored's, and still have time to go to the pool in the afternoons.  Yet, by mid August, when school starts again, I won't be able to imagine it any other way.  I won't want school to start.  The first few weeks of school will leave me bored.  I won't know how to fill the time.  Then the projects and the PTA will come hunt me down and my life will again feel busy.

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  1. AJ always does this to me at this time of year and it sends me into abject panic. Even more so this year than usual.