Thursday, June 18, 2009


That's me- wiped out. I'm catching up on mail, laundry and To-Do lists after a week away. But the mail keeps arriving, the family keeps wearing clothes (sometimes three sets a day*) and the chores keep coming. I've gotten about two loads of laundry done each day this week, and I should be caught up tomorrow. I threw out all the optional mail and kept only the ones related to finances. Lands' End did not make the cut. I've had scraps of paper- actual notepads, backs of receipts, even pieces of dried out wet wipe- all over my car and desk. If it doesn't get written down, it will not get done.

The boys have been in camp this week at the nearby Nature Center. (*The place has a creek for playing, hence the extra laundry.) I thought I'd done so great when I found a session with camps for both of them the same week on the same Creeping Critter theme. Then I got the reminder email and realized that Bug would be finishing at 12:30 each day (start time 9:30) and Pook would be ending each day at 3:30. It isn't too far, but I've got to give 30 minutes to the round trip each of those three drives.

We get home and I try to give Pook some down time, but he's got projects I want him to complete. I want them to eat a snack and rehydrate from the day outdoors. And I realize that any dinner we want to eat won't get started until after swimming (6:15ish) unless I prep it in advance. Suddenly it is time to get to the pool if they want to play before the 5 pm swim team practice. My day is gone. My chores are not.


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