Thursday, June 25, 2009

mad as a hornet

I guess I know how mad one must be to be "mad as a hornet" now. The guy who shooed us all indoors, donned a bee suit and then sprayed a ten foot stream of poison at our magnolia tree- he was the target of their anger. Personally, I was happy to be indoors. I was also happy that he was more than eager to let me keep it. He told me how fragile the paper nest was, how perfect this one was, and how to spray it with shellac ("maybe tomorrow, just in case there are eggs inside that might still hatch today") . I'm planning on giving it to the science teacher at the kids' school. If I were a science teacher, I'd love it, so I'm assuming she will too. The hornets, however, are very unhappy. The branch is right across the driveway, only about six feet up, so we're going to continue to be very cautious entering and exiting for a while.There are still lots on the branch, wondering where they went wrong while following the map. The females are still blaming the males for not stopping to ask for directions.

Wanna see it? The first picture is the paper-mache bee hive which came home from camp last week, full of candy. The second picture is the real one which came full of hornets. This is how it looks laying on the ground by my front door. I don't have the courage to touch it yet. I'd rather have had one full of candy.


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