Wednesday, May 28, 2008

handing them over

Two days of summer vacation and Mama is exhausted. I have kept the peace and put off the boredom, but it has worn me out. But... Nana and Papa come tomorrow. (Welcome Mom. Welcome Dad. I'll be in the other room reading.) I'm actually looking forward to simply catching up on laundry. I must be desperate.

My kids worship my father. He wasn't too excited by them as babies, when my mother already felt close to them. Instead, as they've gotten older he's gotten more involved. He shares his binoculars and they go hiking/birdwatching. I'm sure they scare off any birds he wants to see, but they revel in the attention. He plans projects for them. At his house they cut out wooden jigsaw puzzles on his power saw. Down here he brought all the wood and pieces needed to make treasure chests. Or they hammer together bird houses (which got used this spring!) The smell of sawdust has always reminded me of my dad.

My dad, who gets antsy very easily when on a vacation, usually asks me and CD for our To Do list. He repairs stuff and makes stuff and often has to buy tools which he leaves here for us. My mom will chip in and help cook, clean up, fold laundry and sit on the floor playing with toys. She'd say that she specializes in reading books to the kids. They are pretty easy houseguests.

When Pook was born, my mother promised to babysit him for a week for our tenth anniversary. I believe the addition of Bug didn't negate any previous agreement. I hope not, because I made the reservations today. CD and I are going to head out to the Olympic Peninsula in Washington for a week this fall. Thank you Nana and Papa. Come visit anytime.


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