Tuesday, January 29, 2008

clean laundry, wet laundry

My kids think I live for laundry. The skater fashion has hit the youngest of ages. This means that both boys want to wear a short sleeved shirt (covering the torso and catching most spills) over a long sleeved shirt (allowing maximum elbow and cuff to be in contact with the plate of food, the muddy ground, the whatever-little-boys-get-into). Then, because winter coats are so uninteresting, they want a sweatshirt on top of it all... after they've already spilled on the short sleeved shirt and put the arm of the long sleeved shirt in food. I can't seem to influence this. So, I was doing kid laundry today. I decided it works best to only bring part of the laundry downstairs at a time. The little socks don't get lost in the sheets or adult pants, and the sorting is simpler. I got three loads washed, dried and even folded! before Bug woke from his nap. Wet. Wet sheets. Wet pillow (don't ask me how kids do things like that) Wet underpants. Wet pants. Wet long sleeved shirt. Wet short sleeved shirt. Wet sweatshirt. Dry socks! Red, khaki, white... one load of laundry. I haven't looked yet to see if that red sweatshirt bled all over the flannel sheets.


  1. Laundry, laundry, the joys of laundry! You have a good method going here! I actually just wrote a post on my laundry routine- not that anyone wants to copy it!

  2. Here's something I figured out that saves on the laundry: save pants they outgrow, cut off the legs and let them wear those on their arms with t-shirts. It looks very similar, but it makes for less laundry.

    If you can sew, you can actually stitch them on to the sleeves of t-shirts. My sewing skills leave much to be desired, but I used fabric glue to attach old pj pants to my 2-year-old's t-shirt.

    I also hacked off the sleeves from stained shirts for my girls to wear on their arms and legs (think baby legs) when they play in the snow or with dresses when it's cold. It looks pretty cool, it's simple, and you get to recycle.