Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I am so old

I sent a text message. And received one. My 17yo babysitter showed me how. I guess I thought you had to have a fancier phone to type words. What do I know? I'm old. I was working before she was even born. Anyway, I bumped into her mom when I was at the YMCA a week ago, and asked her when to try to call for babysitting gigs. Seems like if I wait until the teens are home from school then it's 4-5pm and the last thing I can do is organize my calendar and make calls. That is when I police little boys. At least two of them, sometimes more. Then I forget. I called one girl at about 10:01pm and her father refused to give her the phone. She gave me her cell number and apologized. He was probably already in bed. The time that I'm thinking of babysitters is usually when Bug is napping, or when they're both in school, MWF mornings. And babysitters are in school. So sometimes I call and leave a message. I figure they'll check their messages as soon as school is out. Well, according to my babysitter's mom, I should text her. She says her daughter is so good at texting that she can reach in her purse and type without looking. During school of course. I used to teach. The kids were a lot younger, and cell phones weren't even popular yet, but I still know that that is a big No No for teachers. But, I did it. And she responded. And I have a babystiter. And I feel cool.


  1. Hi! I found your blog through Parenthacks...I was a teacher before I was a mom, too, but much more recently. Texting has its own shorthand and I would see it crop up in their papers and's like a whole other language. Most people my age probably text, but I don't, so I feel old, too, especially trying to decipher the acronyms!

  2. omg I know how you feel! I'm a mom to 2 boys (2.5 and 4) and I work part-time with a bunch of teenagers at Sonic. I've started texting so I can communicate with my dh and these kids are SO fast when they text. One girl said they same thing that your babysitter's mom said..she texts in class without even looking at the phone. Totally crazy!