Tuesday, June 3, 2014

the future is here


is for sale.


is in my garage. Plugged into the wall. Charging.

The car, as a lease, is a bargain. Here's my math:
    $2000 down
+  $5520 payments ($240/mo for 23 months)
+  $2400 estimated annual addition to power bill across two years
+ $350 fee when you turn the car in, in two years
-   $2800 gas for two years (I'm guessing, and that's probably low)
-   $5000 Georgia tax credit (There is a $7500 rebate from the Feds which brings the cost down also, but it is worked into the original lease price by the dealer.)

    $2470 for two years. And, no maintenance costs either.

I'll update in a few months with any corrections in those numbers.  Meanwhile, I'll be the one silently zipping around town!


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