Thursday, March 20, 2014

storytime by Bug, fourth grade language arts

Sucked Back in Time
by Bug

     "Houston, We have a problem." They were aboard the Explorer, a spacecraft on it's way to Pluto. This was the year 3264. The engines had cut a long time ago, and they were hurtling through space at speeds of 986,734,976 miles per hour. In just a few days, Captain John Richards, and his crew, Nathan Brown, Jimmy Johnson, and Mike Samson would reach their destination. The radio cut in.

     "What is the problem? over."

     "We are exelorating too fast. The speedometer is rapidly climbing, and we have no way to induce drag!"

     "We can't do anything for you! We wouldn't be able to reach you!"

     Pluto began to come into view, but they were going too fast. The hurtled past pluto, and out of the solar system. Suddenly, the radio cut. They were on their own.

     The Explorer started to ignite from the sheer speed. The craft was burning up. Suddenly, the ship was sucked into a worm hole.

Part 2
     The crew of the Explorer woke up in a spaceship. A different spaceship, but still a spaceship. This spaceship was Apollo 11, and the year was 1969. The captain of this spacecraft was Neil Armstrong. If everything went right, then his crew would be the first people to ever set foot on the moon. Unfortunately, not everything went right. Four spacemen in very strange clothes apeared inside their craft. Unconscious. Two of them were badly burned, at it was all they could do to help them. The hopes of the whole world were begining to collapse.

     As the queerly dressed people woke up, the crew of Apollo 11 was terrified. They had no idea who these people were, though they had name tags. The person that appeared to be the captain said, "Where--"

     "You are aboard the Apollo 11, we were scheduled to land on the moon later today, but we may have to change plans, because you people came!"


     "I don't know where you're from, I Just know this is 1969."



     "Are you sure this isn't 3264?"



     "Well, it's awfully crowded here, so we'll have to get out on the moon pretty soon. We have some extra space suits in the cargo hold, they're only for emergencys, but this appears to be an emergency."

     "The Moon is in view!", said Buzz Aldrin. he had been quiet the whole time.

     "Eject the parachutes! Ready the landing gear!

     The crew landed on the moon with a thump. They landed on the dark side of the moon.

     What happened next went by in a blur. An alien empire took them in. Neil Armstrong and his crew were able to return home succesfully, thanks to that alien technology. John Richards and his crew were also able to return home, with a great story to tell, thanks to a portal that the Gronks made just for them.

     As they got home, they realized that Nathan was still clinging to some wreckage of their spaceship.

     "What an adventure," Jimmy said.

The End

spelling/grammar  -3
You wrote an adventurous story! 
I really enjoyed 
reading it. You have 
great "voice" in your 
writing. Super work!  



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