Friday, January 10, 2014

ten test two

Pook reminded me, just recently, that Bug has a Ten Test coming up! How this can be happening, I really have no idea. Last I checked, the boys were still three years apart in age and if the younger one is turning ten then the older one must be almost... (no, I'm not going there.)  But, if it is truly so, I'd better get Bug's test out. The test varies and siblings can expect different questions.  Here is Bug's Ten Test. (Pook's test is here.) He has until February to master the following:

  1. Can you brush your teeth in the same bathroom as a sibling without arguing with him or spitting on him?
  2. Can you remove pants with both legs right side out?
  3. Can you have a conversation which avoids making excuses, blaming someone or complaining?
  4. Can you bring home all materials needed for homework assignments?
  5. Can you talk to an adult politely? Even if that adult is your parent?
  6. Can you prepare a healthy snack for yourself?
  7. Can you successfully throw dirty laundry in a hamper?
  8. Can you spear a bite of food which will fit into your mouth without effort?
  9. Can you pack the materials you need for a sport without forgetting anything?
  10. Can you carry a glass of milk to the table without spilling any of it?
If you have answered 'yes' to all ten of these questions, and if your tenth birthday is imminent and you know what the word 'imminent' means, then you are deemed worthy of turning ten.


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  1. Hmm. I have an almost....(nope, not going there either)-year-old who needs a refresher course in 10.