Wednesday, February 13, 2013

sure, I can do that

Not working at the preschool this year has left more time for me to fill with other things.  And fill I have.

It only requires some email and organization? Sure, I can do that.

I am flitting today. I started by discussing the kitchen plans with CD. He's concerned about the lack of an integrated desk, so I started looking online for better kitchen desks to replace what we have now. And small file cabinets.

I received an email. The school supply lists for 2012-14 are back and approved. I need to make lists for each grade to send home with the order forms. Not a problem. I can do that.

I went to the calendar to see how much time I had before we needed to send the lists home. I was reminded that CD and I had also been discussing the dates of our Washington DC trip this summer. I began looking at the calendar for that purpose. I emailed a friend who lives there for her opinion. Then I went to our U.S. Representative's website to see what tickets we need him to procure for us.

Then I got an email from our kitchen designer which reminded me that I was off task. But I also got an email from a friend who we're having dinner with on Saturday. Did I know a good restaurant in a different part of town? I began to look.

I clicked on the wrong tab and saw the half finished swim team website I've been working on. I remembered that someone had sent me a few additional photos yesterday, so I went to look to see if they'd be appropriate.

Back on email, I had a response from my DC friend. I went back to the calendar. If we moved the trip earlier, would the kids miss two swim meets or just one? I went to look at last year's calendar and the new website to see if I could tell what had happened last year.

A load of laundry buzzed. I dealt with it and then returned to the (yes, overcrowded) desk. What was I working on? Hard to tell. I looked at desks and file cabinets again. And White House tours. (What do you do with your purse and camera which you can't take in there with you?) Where do our two Washington DC friends live in regard to each other and the attractions we want to visit?

While on maps, I checked out a few options for dinner. Our friend wanted seafood but this is Valentines weekend, and traditional restaurants like that are going to be packed. I emailed her my vote for something less mainstream.

The laundry buzzed and I started a new load. There were very few whites so I went upstairs for towels. Seriously? I hadn't showered yet? I hopped in.

Back to the desk and computer. The playground committee for church will be meeting this Friday. Could I look at some websites and comment?  Sure.

The third grade wants plastic folders next year. They come three hole punched in sets with random colors or with prongs in specific colors. I'll have to check with the grade chair before I can print this out. I email her.

The baseball team has practice on Thursday. I'll be the Photo Day chairperson again this year. It's a simple job. It only requires some email and organization.

I can do that.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

off season

Technically Sunday was the off-season.  Bug had his last basketball game -a very exciting one- on Saturday and now we're starting baseball. I say "technically" because the first baseball practice was rained out, so really we have till Thursday without any sports on the calendar.

Sports won't be quite as crazy this spring. Pook isn't playing ball this year.  He wanted to, and I want him to, but we were all really concerned about the scheduling. I think I'd have lost my mind, to be honest. He'd have had some super late nights doing homework.  His school lets out at 4:00 but his bus doesn't get him here until 4:35, as the last kid off.  Most coaches ask the team to come at 4:45 to warm up for 5:30 games.  I'd be picking him up, trying to let him change into his uniform and eat a snack and run to the ballpark all in that small window. Once a week he has a piano lesson after school, so anytime a game or practice fell on a Tuesday we'd have to find someone to swap lessons with.  Ugh.

But this is making me see the end of the tunnel. I realize that they just keep growing up and even though I like going down to the ballpark to watch, this won't last forever.