Tuesday, February 12, 2013

off season

Technically Sunday was the off-season.  Bug had his last basketball game -a very exciting one- on Saturday and now we're starting baseball. I say "technically" because the first baseball practice was rained out, so really we have till Thursday without any sports on the calendar.

Sports won't be quite as crazy this spring. Pook isn't playing ball this year.  He wanted to, and I want him to, but we were all really concerned about the scheduling. I think I'd have lost my mind, to be honest. He'd have had some super late nights doing homework.  His school lets out at 4:00 but his bus doesn't get him here until 4:35, as the last kid off.  Most coaches ask the team to come at 4:45 to warm up for 5:30 games.  I'd be picking him up, trying to let him change into his uniform and eat a snack and run to the ballpark all in that small window. Once a week he has a piano lesson after school, so anytime a game or practice fell on a Tuesday we'd have to find someone to swap lessons with.  Ugh.

But this is making me see the end of the tunnel. I realize that they just keep growing up and even though I like going down to the ballpark to watch, this won't last forever.


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