Friday, March 15, 2013


CD calls me "relatively sensitive to changes in temperature."  I'm pretty comfortable only between 70° and 85°, but I live in Atlanta now, so I get these temperatures more often than in, say, Ottawa.

Baseball has started. Like really started. Bug has had three practices (I think three more were cancelled due to "poor weather conditions") and two games (one was a make-up from a cancellation also due to "poor weather conditions".)  I always have to conceal my glee when a nasty weather day leads to a cancelled evening at the ballpark. They aren't as picky as I am however and last night I just about froze my butt off. I had my cozy boots and my big fluffy coat, but sitting for two hours doesn't produce much body heat and all those layers weren't enough.

The kids have had at least one day to go sledding every year. Except the two winters since we bought sleds. Seven years (?) of borrowing a sled --or sliding on trays, trashcan lids or cardboard-- and now we own sleds. They decorate the top of the garage freezer.  I should hide them away so they don't make everyone sad. Because although I don't like to be cold, I do like to get warm, so I'll go with the boys for a morning of sledding once a year and have fun. I'm not sure we'll ever get a chance to use these.

 I'm trying to find time on the warm days to get outside to garden. (Again, "warm" means close to 70° although I'll take 65° with a sweatshirt when I'm working.)  Things are looking really good in the yard right now.  This weekend is supposed to be glorious, warm and sunny. Between baseball games I'll finish cutting back old dead leaves and clean things up a bit more.

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  1. Glad for the shout-out to Ottawa.... though we won't be rid of our snow mountains for another month at least :((((