Wednesday, December 5, 2012

media mania

New Stuff!

The House of Pook and Bug is usually pretty behind the curve in technology. CD may work in the field all day, but when he comes home he doesn't use it much.

And Yet!  New Stuff!  I finally followed through on the camera promised to CD last summer for his birthday. On Want Not I found a fabulous deal for the Canon Rebel T3 and within minutes had added it to my cart, emailed him to see if it was suitable, received his response and ordered it. We'll see if the photos on this blog improve. (What? You thought I bought him a camera for his birthday for him to use it?)

And Yet More! The Tivo died on us. We discussed all our options and couldn't find any one solution. We'd love to use Netflix, Hulu etc. and dump the cable company, but we still can't figure out how to really do it. We may not watch much, but we're picky about what we do watch and, for matter, what we don't watch too. We haven't involuntarily watched a commercial in years. We finally gave in and replaced the Tivo.  This Tivo can hold about 400 hours of television, so if in the next four years some new viewing option comes along that will work, we might have enough left to not even need it.

And More Still!  CD's flip phone must have started annoying him because he broached the idea of getting each other new phones for Christmas. My phone, technically, was fine. My cell service was a bit of a problem. In that I had none. Or rather, I had no reception in the house and only randomly elsewhere. Yes, this should have been a no-brainer, but, it was cheap and so I had kept it and manipulated phones in various ways to avoid missing calls. It wasn't elegant but it did work. Mostly. (Ok, really, I was cheap and lazy.)

But! New phones! CD went with the iFamily and is developing a relationship with Siri. I'm continuing in the android mode with a Motorola Razr. It has a great big screen so I don't have to put on my glasses every time I receive a text. So far, so good. We might not have to hang out a window for reception any more.

So, fun shiny new things. Time to decorate the house for Christmas and spread some of that shiny around.


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