Tuesday, July 26, 2011

contest time!!!

I think I shall have my first ever Pook and Bug contest!  See below for details.

The boys are a bit disappointed that we haven't seen more wildlife than we have.  I think I promised them moose, which has not happened, even in the Tetons.  We have seen:

  • elk, which are all over like pigeons around Mammoth Lodge, and scattered here and there everywhere else in the park
  • bison, which I am not to refer to as buffalo without hearing Bug correct me
  • two pronghorn antelope, which are apparently not really antelope at all
  • a bear of some type, although Pook missed it.
  • prairie dogs
  • trumpeter swans in the Tetons
  • mule deer
  • llamas (yeah, they were on a ranch, but still...)

So, here is the contest.  Look at the photo below and find the animal.  Something is hiding there.  No, I don't see it either, but it's there!  Leave a guess in the comments and win a prize-ish-like-thing! (Or at least my profound admiration.)

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