Friday, June 24, 2011

mixed bag

In the spring, under our bird feeder, I encountered this:

This is a clump of chives, with oregano showing a bit on the left lower corner and grass and weeds outside the black border on the right.  The leaves around the chives are the ones I noticed. The mulch here is almost entirely sunflower seed hulls. I pulled out most of the sprouts, but unlike most years, I decided to leave a couple to see how they'd do.

And how did they do? See for yourself:

More sprouts showed up on the other side of the house, far from any birdfeeder. Perhaps there was a nest above and seeds were spilled?  These are from my front yard woodlands, where the cut trees are offering sunshine to the area for the first time:

All are different from the others, some with yellow centers, others brown or black. A few in the front yard are six feet tall.  Two out there have multiple blooms on one stalk (and are too heavy to stand up on their own!)

Thank you, birds! (and/or squirrels)


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