Wednesday, February 10, 2010

whomped by Fate

I tempted the Fates.  I mentioned to two people how fortunate it was that no one in our family had been sick this school year.  Then Bug caught a 24 hour virus, Pook caught a mild cold, and I got whomped.

A tickle Saturday.  Sniffles Sunday.  Attached to the tissue box Monday.  Congestion Tuesday.  Chest cough Tuesday night.

I got up sometime near 2am. to take cough syrup.  I didn't notice much difference... until it wore off this afternoon.  Oh my.  I finally excused myself from Bug's piano lesson to go sit in the car and cough alone.  Then I debated whether to take it when we got home, early afternoon, or wait until later.  I don't want to wake up at 3am after it wears off.  One bad night's sleep was enough. Does a half dose of 12 hour medicine work for six hours?  Or for twelve hours, poorly?  I suspect the latter. 

Tea with honey and lemon.  Tea with honey and lemon.  Tea with honey and lemon.  Two more hours.


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