Thursday, May 22, 2008

I don't do "bored"

"I'm bored."
Not in my job description, Bug. I don't do "bored".

He's been out of school for one day. He only attended three days a week anyway. How exactly can he be bored yet?

I started a list with their help. Actually several lists. (I'm a list maker, I confess. I'm one of those people who writes things I've already done on my list just so I can cross it off.) We now have the Friends to Invite To Play list, the Field Trips Around Town list and the Things to Do When Bored list.

Things to Do When Bored
  • do one of the standbys: read or color
  • play piano
  • write a story (paper or computer)
  • read a magazine
  • wash the windows with vinegar (sneaky way to get them to clean the house)
  • re-read some board books before Mama packs them away
  • do some puzzles
  • take photos with the Little Tikes camera
  • make a magic show
  • do some art (paint, yarn, rubber stamps and much much more)
  • play playdoh
  • play school with old workbooks (translation: teach Bug to write his lower case letters)
  • look at globe and make a list of places you want to go
  • play with an often forgotten toy
  • make a puppet show
  • mop the floor with the Swiffer or vacuum with the Shark (honestly, they do sometimes enjoy these)
  • pick a recipe from the kids' cookbook and make plans for a meal/snack
  • use walkie talkies
  • write an email
  • go biking
  • dress up and make a show (maybe I'll film it)
  • build a fort
  • play a board game (If I'm desperate enough I'll even suggest Hungry Hungry Hippo)

If Mama is interested in joining the Boredom Busters
  • hike around the lake
  • feed the ducks
  • do a science kit project
  • go biking
  • make ice cream
  • put up tent
  • make stepping stones
  • go to Michael's for a new craft
  • cook or bake

We are fortunate to live by a public pool and we will swim every afternoon that the weather permits. The pool isn't included here because it will probably only be the days the weather doesn't permit that they're bored anyway.

Tomorrow is Pook's last day of school. Our first three weeks of summer are open, without any trips or camps. The neighbors are going to be out of town for the first week, at least. We will fill some days with fun field trips around Atlanta, but the rest of the time, they're on their own.


  1. Great list! Thanks for the ideas.

  2. Hi! I just came here through Parenthacks! Love the list. I don't know how old the child(ren) in question is/are, but here's a tip to add to your great list. The older they get, the more specific you can get. Ironically, younger kids have an easier time taking off on a general suggestion: "paint a picture." Older kids may insist "painting is boring" because they can't think of what to paint. So, for example, "paint a picture of a jungle." You can go nuts (in a good way) narrowing it down -- "paint a picture of an Amazon jungle using only shades of blue." They may not want to do exactly that, but it may help kids identify something they are excited about doing.

  3. Thanks for the ideas and the comment on Pretty Babies!!